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Meet the expert scientist behind the formula of StudyBoost

Dr Dimitris Tsoukalas

Dr Dimitris Tsoukalas, medical doctor, certified general Practitioner, research scientist and author of ‘How to live 150 years’.

Dr Tsoukalas graduated from the Università degli Studi di Napoli, Frederico II in Italy. He completed his residency at the Hippocratic Hospital in Athens. He is a member of the World Academy of Science and President of the European Institute of Nutritional Medicine.


Over the last three decades, he’s seen over 20,000 patients in his clinics in Milan, Switzerland and Greece.

In his clinics, Dr Tsoukalas traces nutritional deficiencies occurring at a cellular level to find the root cause of symptoms and chronic and autoimmune health conditions with targeted nutrition and lifestyle interventions.


He has more than 90 published studies in the field of nutritional medicine, metabolomics and reversing the effects of aging in human health.

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